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Uploading just got a lot easier…

Uploading images just got a lot easier! Here’s a screenshot of Andy’s new uploader with an image in the Post box. All you have to do is drag the image into the rich editor! Unfortunately the uploader won’t display your … Continue reading

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Chinese/Japanese Character Problem Fixed?

It appears that the kses we’re using is a little too enthusiastic about what it removes and is causing problems for some of the users of This Geeklog thread and bug report shows we’re not the only ones suffering … Continue reading

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Custom Kubrick Headers Now Live!

Andy’s new Kubrick Headers code is now active here! If you want to play with it, go to the Presentation menu, and activate the “WordPress Default 1.5” theme. A small sub-menu item appears titled, “Current Theme Options”, click on that … Continue reading

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Edit: A faq blog has been set up now so check out the faq entries there as they’ll be kept up to date! Everyone’s asking these: Can I edit my theme/template? Unfortunately no, here’s why! Can I import the current … Continue reading

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Great Tit!

The little birdy came back!

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Javascript Updates

Over the past week or so there have been a few problems with Livesearch interfering with the Hashcash comment protection used on this site. I think I’ve fixed those problems now, but if you see any Javascript error don’t hesitate … Continue reading

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Referer Updates

Due to popular demand (well, Jintle asked for it!), I changed refering links containing wp-admin/ so the link points at the actual blog, and not the backend which should make it easier to see who’s visiting! I fixed the ordering … Continue reading

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Image Caching

For those of you with images in your blog posts you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve improved image and file caching. If your browser already has the image it shouldn’t be downloaded again! Leave a comment here if you … Continue reading

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Cork City Fans

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Top Blogs!

As Matt has mentioned already, the dashboard has gone through a big shake-up thanks to Andy! Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

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