That ‘ol notification list

We will soon be sending invites to people who added their email address to the notification list here! It’s not too late to add your email address!

6 responses to “That ‘ol notification list”

  1. I am excited to hear about, and I am looking forward to viewing it when it is complete!

    I would like to ‘Spotlight’ when it is up and running, if you would approve of me doing so. I have been ‘spotlighting’ influential blogs on my blog, and would love to Spotlight!

    Thank you for your time.

    J Christian Connett, CPM
    To forward thinking…

  2. […] Have you ever visited website? Remember the notification list there? Where you get to enter your email address and never know whether it’s working or not. Well, the good news is it IS working. Donncha has announced that the WP team will be sending invites to those who added their email address there. So now while waiting for someone else to invite you, whenever it is, you might as well put your email address on the website. Who knows you got invited there, right? I just hope that the WP team sort all the email address there since some of them may already have a account like I do. I once add my email there but I got this invite from someone else. It’s a good sign though that wordpress is going to spread like mushroom in the rain. Ah, do I get the right analogy? […]

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