19 Replies to “Top Blogs!”

  1. You should add an option for users not to be in the statistics. I hate those systems, personally, as it usually degenerate into a useless popularity contest.

  2. Alan – while that may be an option in the future, nobody will force you to use the Dashboard. I usually go into the backend via the moderation page, and then onto the referers page anyway so I don’t see the Dashboard. 🙂

  3. Gee, I wouldn’t have even noticed it myself if I hadn’t seen the note about this. This information is just for the admins of the site, so I think it’s fine. I do like seeing the latest news about the site, though.

  4. Same with Lorelle, I didn’t notice it myself until I see it here. It’s funny though to see my name on the number 6 (or as I write this, I’m on number 7). It’s a great job by the WP team to make all of this.

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