Top Blogs!

As Matt has mentioned already, the dashboard has gone through a big shake-up thanks to Andy! Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

19 responses to “Top Blogs!”

  1. […] Yay! Andy did a great job adding stats to the Dashboard! Here’s a screenshot. This should make blogging at even more attractive as you know other people are going to know about what you’re blogging. I’m still rather fond of reading the site through an RSS feed but that’s only managable now because there are so few blogs being updated. When we’re bigger than that won’t be as easy! Related Stories (, top, blogs!) […]

  2. You should add an option for users not to be in the statistics. I hate those systems, personally, as it usually degenerate into a useless popularity contest.

  3. Alan – while that may be an option in the future, nobody will force you to use the Dashboard. I usually go into the backend via the moderation page, and then onto the referers page anyway so I don’t see the Dashboard. 🙂

  4. Gee, I wouldn’t have even noticed it myself if I hadn’t seen the note about this. This information is just for the admins of the site, so I think it’s fine. I do like seeing the latest news about the site, though.

  5. Same with Lorelle, I didn’t notice it myself until I see it here. It’s funny though to see my name on the number 6 (or as I write this, I’m on number 7). It’s a great job by the WP team to make all of this.

  6. […] So, I first read about the change at Donncha’s weblog. I say this is good for making as a community tool. We got the chance to see other’s weblogs. And one of the things I notice is that I get mentioned on the “Top blogs today”. Nice Never hope anything like this to happen but when it happen, it feels good. Oh and one more thing, on the admin bar beside the feedback button there is another button now. I’ll tell about this one later […]

  7. handsome and pretty web outlook. I like will you please send me an invite if you have one spare. if you need something in exchange, please let me know. thanks in advance.

  8. […] Matt first announced new changes on the WordPressMU Dashboard, and Donncha showed off a screen shot of it. The code behind it was redesigned by Andy Skelton to feature the top blogs with the highest traffic from within the community, and the top posts from, again, the posts with the most traffic and probably some other criteria. We’re still waiting for details. […]

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