WordPress.com FAQ

Edit: A faq blog has been set up now so check out the faq entries there as they’ll be kept up to date!

Everyone’s asking these:

  1. Can I edit my theme/template? Unfortunately no, here’s why!
  2. Can I import the current theme from my own site? No, for the same reason as above. It’s untrusted code that we haven’t verified.
  3. My posts are missing inline styles and Javascript! Where’d they go? We’re now filtering posts as well as comments. This is a security measure to protect your personal data. Javascript can be used to steal your cookies and inline styles could be used to create a fake login page that will fool someone into typing their username and password into it.
  4. Where are the plugins? How do I activate them? We don’t support plugins currently. We don’t have time to support 3rd party code.
  5. The link manager is broken. I know, we’re working on it, sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Language Support? It’s broken at the moment but it’s a priority.
  7. Custom permalinks? Working on it, there are several Japanese and Korean blogs here already and they have to enter the titles of their posts in English which is not acceptable.
  8. The referer page displays UTC times. I know, that needs to be changed.
  9. Bloglines can’t read my feed. We think Bloglines are having some problems right now, but load your feed into your browser or another aggregator to verify that it’s working.
  10. Image Management, what have I uploaded? Uploading is being revamped right now, and will be much better!
  11. My favourite theme doesn’t have a calendar, proper blogroll or X function. Not all themes were created equal! If you want to suggest new themes make sure they support every WordPress function that everyone will want. Impossible eh?
  12. What version of WordPress is running here? The very latest one! Unfortunately there are still bugs in both WordPress and WordPress MU, but they’re being fixed and new features added every day.
  13. How do I contact you? In the Dashboard click on “Feedback” and enter your question or comment. Be nice too please!
  14. What’s next? Oh, lots of goodies!
  15. The Feedback button, rich text editor, AJAX stuff doesn’t work in Opera. Can you fix them? We’re aware of this, but we don’t have the resources to fix those problems right now. If you’re a passionate Opera user please help us to help you by sending a patch to any of the usual addresses.

35 Replies to “WordPress.com FAQ”

  1. everyone has the same questions on their heads, I feel. I will ask you one question Donncha. What is the real purpose of wordpress.com itself? Is a buzz marketing of WP and WP MU especially? Is wordpress.com going to compete the six apart’s typepad? 😉

  2. Budi – someone asked that on the MU forums already, and I answered him. Since you’re a WordPress user you’re allowed read it, but anyone else, do not click that link! You’re not allowed know!

    In all seriousness, the real purpose is to provide the best blogging platform out there for everyone. WordPress.com itself may only suit users of limited technical skillset but the code is out there for others to use on their own servers if they want more features!

  3. This is brilliant, Donncha, thank you.

    I still think that totally wiping off the map ALL inline styles is way too drastic. There must be some way to allow some CSS styles, especially the most common ones. Some happy medium. Evil is everywhere, but protecting everyone from the one that might do harm is way too drastic.

  4. Hopefully this will spark a dialog between individuals knowledgeable on the subject and we can refine the filtering process.
    I’ll always err on the side of cauthin however – who’d want to see a big ugly eBay sign on page appear on a spam blog? That would hurt WordPress’ reputation as a blogging platform.

  5. Can understand that Matt, but will there be additional styling functionality built into the rich editor at a later date? Its quite limited as is. Can’t do colours for example. I have to insert font tags with color attributes to do that.

  6. I would like to know where to post about bugs.

    The internal pages (not posts, pages) always display a javascript error. Then, something I can’t login.

    Another thing: updated images can’t be accessed if you don’t insert “www” in the URL: setting [img src = “mydomain.wordpress.com/files/img.jpg] creates a path error when you access the post from the category listing or from direct url (it looks for files in mydomain.wordpress.com/xxxx/files/img.jpg).
    Again, how does the “fastest growing blogs” thing work?
    Thank you 🙂


  7. Use the Feedback form Aldo, if you can, otherwise, mail me at donncha @ linux.ie
    I haven’t found any problem with images – https://donncha.wordpress.com/files/img_3196.jpg displays fine, and doesn’t have any “www” prefix. All the images on your blog work fine in my browser, what one are you using?

    I have no idea how the fastest growing blogs thing works, but I imagine it has something to do with Pigeons, secret messages and the magnetic field of the Earth. Just don’t tell Andy I said that or he might get upset!

  8. Thank you Donn,
    I’m sorry, I didn’t notice the feedback form until reading this post 🙂

    anyway, it’s not a browser problem, it’s something strange with auto path ocnverting, happening sometimes – and sometimes not. I managed to solve the problem by always adding a “www” to images paths 🙂

    I won’t tell Andy don’t worry ;P

  9. Hi, I’ve run into a bunch of instances of “enabling referrer” problems both in Firefox 1.0.6 and in IE 6 SP2 on XP. I followed the instructions of how to enable this for both browsers but still have the problems, on many of the functional areas aside from posting.

    Are these all known issues? I’ve sent feedback but figured I’d post here in case others had the same problems.

  10. Hi umm…..I was just wondering if you could use this blog to put onto another site? For example, some people that have domains that is a personal website about themselves, they use a blog program, like Greymatter, WordPress, and a lot more. But, I asked someone who has a domain and uses WordPress for they’re blogging but they use a different wordpress (http://www.wordpress.org). So, I was just wondering if you can do the same with this WordPress? Using it as a blog and making it show up somewhere else like at a different website.

  11. “Can I edit my theme/template? No, Unfortunately allowing users to edit PHP/HTML template code directly is a huge security risk. We’re working on alternatives however.”

    Does that mean we’ll never be able to fully customise our pages? I have templates that I’d love to use on my site, but if that won’t be possible I’m sorely disappointed.

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  14. I think it was mentioned before already in here, but if customisation is imperative, then a full WP install would be the solution. Think of WordPress.com blogs as a superior competitor to LJ, Blogger and MT… It simply can’t be what the advanced users want it to be. I’ve had a WP blog for a couple of years and love the freedom of code and plug-ins with it, but I do not expect that here from a site admin point of view. It would be chaos…
    Keep up the good work WP! 🙂 I look forward to seeing this grow!

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  16. I am sorry, I am unable to click on my dashboard to ask the question….because I can’t login. Please help. That is my question. I am in tears at this point because yesterday I changed my password and today when I went to login it says “that user does not seem to exist in our database” So I checked the box to remind me of my password and won’t even recognize me. What do I do now? I have had the same user name forever and DID NOT change the user name…only the password. I even know what the password is, and it still won’t let me in. Do you know what I am supposed to do? Thank you so much, and please forgive me for posting here.

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