Chinese/Japanese Character Problem Fixed?

It appears that the kses we’re using is a little too enthusiastic about what it removes and is causing problems for some of the users of This Geeklog thread and bug report shows we’re not the only ones suffering from this so I removed the line mentioned.

If this problem affected you, can you give it a whirl again and leave a comment here with your good or bad experiences?

8 responses to “Chinese/Japanese Character Problem Fixed?”

  1. Thank you, Donnhca. I think the problem is solved.

    I just tried to input some Chinese characters that I know would not show correctly if the problem still exists. It turns out to be all right. Thanks again.

  2. 😀 I’ve just posted about 15 chinese characters which couldn’t be displayed in my site, and all of them can be displayed correctly now. 😀
    Thank you for your fixing again and again! 😀

  3. […] 請參考 donncha’s blog 剛剛試過,早上 post 的兩篇都沒再發生亂碼了 感謝這些幫忙修正 bugs 的朋友…:) 發表者為 Chung-Yen Chang @ 10:05 am :: WordPress, 軟體 留言回應 RSS :: 引用通告網址 […]

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