Custom Kubrick Headers Now Live!

Andy’s new Kubrick Headers code is now active here! If you want to play with it, go to the Presentation menu, and activate the “WordPress Default 1.5” theme. A small sub-menu item appears titled, “Current Theme Options”, click on that and you can adjust the colours using a handy colour picker!

Umm, that blue to purple fade reminds me of the old JR ice-lols from years back! Very nice!

15 responses to “Custom Kubrick Headers Now Live!”

  1. Cool, I have an Aussie theme to my blog now. 😀 Am heading over to Andy’s now to see if he can’t add link colour to the options list… otherwise I might hack something myself if I can. 🙂

  2. Custom Kubrick colors

    You can now can change the color of the Kubrick theme if you choose the default WordPress theme on
    I choose a Apple-ish color scheme with the black fading to a grey-ish white.
    Nifty new feature that went live today.
    Thanks to Donn…

  3. This is a blatant attempt to distract from the issue of completely uncustomizable themes.

    The community is calling for the ability to add a custom image to their header. The community is calling for the ability to edit their font colors. The community is calling for the ability to personalize their blog!

    This is simply a nice little php script that obfuscates and occludes the fact that we have been given a stripped down, ripped apart version of WordPress that inaccurately represents the magnitude and grandieur of WordPress.

    Restore proper theme support to MU, or give us the real deal – Not “WordPress: Lite”.

  4. Jefte, thanks for feeling so passionate about this issue. 🙂

    I would recommend reading this FAQ about how we’re serious about keeping things free that we make available for free. The “real deal” as you put it has very real costs associated with hosting it, that’s why most good places charge $7-20 a month for it. It would be irresponsible of us to haphazardly threaten the stability of the community by bending over to every request.

    We’re creating something a little different here. I don’t expect everyone to understand it out of the gate, and hopefully it’ll become more clear as time goes on, but if you see what we’re trying to do as simply “wordpress hosting” then you’re missing the point. If tweaking every last bit of code is that important to you. download and install WordPress, it’s free! That type of user is not our target audience.

  5. Does the template need to be editted or something to add this functionality?

    If so how?

    I’m asking this because as a theme designer I would like to add functionality to a theme I make.

  6. Your blanket form-letter response is unacceptable. I have read the faq, even before your blindly directing me to it like some sort of mindless cow. I have installed WordPress. I do run it. I have deployed it for others. You are preaching to the converted.

    Free hosting is not the issue. For you to think I am that cheap offends me. I’m about getting WordPress into new users’ hands.

    “It would be irresponsible of us to haphazardly threaten the stability of the community by bending over to every request.”

    “Bend over to every request?” This is not a request – this is a demand from the community that you are failing to hear. I’m not the only voice in the crowd either. It is irresponsible of you to do what you are doing to WordPress by stripping it down like a stolen car.

    If you want to attract new users and keep them, they must be able to edit their blog! I understand not wanting to “scare” new users with this fancy “code” – but that does not deter you from still making those features available to those that do want to.

    We’re creating something a little different here. I don’t expect everyone to understand it out of the gate, and hopefully it’ll become more clear as time goes on

    How about you trust us enough to tell us then, what your grand plan is? The goal of is to attract new users, right? I understand and appreciate that, and want badly for that to work!

    So why do you fight me and give blanket responses that don’t deal with the issue I bring up? I’m trying to help you make WordPress widely used and appreciated – stripping features out is not doing that. Why do you divert attention to “whats free” and “other hosts”?! I’ve got a host!

    Here is a perfect case study:

    My boss wants to deploy WordPress both personally and for company business. He cannot install wordpress himself, nor does he want to. sounds like a perfect solution does it not?

    A novice user, wants to use the package – but not install it. A perfect marriage right? Exactly what account gives you right? Wrong. Instead, he sees a variant of WordPress. He can enjoy the ability to post easily, yet can’t change links on the blogroll. He loves the ability to click the “edit” link and get right to the article and edit it. Yet, he can’t edit his header image and replace it!

    So now, here we have someone that wants WordPress – and is getting a crappy version of it. Even now he is yelling for me, asking why things have changed on his free account. His frustration level is reaching climax, and all he wants is to use WordPress.

    Thats a shame.

    Thats what I’m trying to help you fix.

  7. Jefte – two things:
    1. Take a chill pill, or lie down and relax. You’re going to give yourself a heart attack being so rude and angry.
    2. Install the software on your own server and write a html editor that securely edits PHP code to suit your own needs.
    3. Pay us lots of money to get the feature in there tomorrow. “Money makes the world go round.” My special rate for you will be €200/hour.

  8. Jefte, thousands of people have found this is not just a “crappy version” of WordPress. Your feedback has been noted, like the dozens we get a day. Yelling louder will not make it any more important. We’re a small team and while we have lots of things planned but our priority schedule might not match yours. All the code is open source, if you want to “help us fix” something the best way is by coding, not by complaining loudly and distracting people from real work. We have far more important issues to be addressing at this stage.

    Finally, copying and pasting identical comments across multiple places and tangentially related articles is spam , please stop it or you will be banned like a spammer. Again, yelling louder does not make your message more important.

  9. Whatever you fixed, you fixed right, because it all works well. I haven’t had this problem at all.

    Japanese characters work in the text body (both article and comments), as well as in the URIs and those “( is_category ( 日本語 ) )”–like thingies.
    No need for them to be encoded/escaped, so the fix was a success.


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