Uploading just got a lot easier…

Uploading images just got a lot easier! Here’s a screenshot of Andy’s new uploader with an image in the Post box. All you have to do is drag the image into the rich editor! Unfortunately the uploader won’t display your current images, you can’t delete files yet, and support for other file types is missing but in the works. Andy’s done a great job though!


7 responses to “Uploading just got a lot easier…”

  1. Mm, there seems to be a little problem. When I click on one image when I’m “Brows[ing] all”, I can’t seem to go back to all my pictures; I’m stuck with that one image in the “Image Uploading” box. Perhaps add a “Go Back” button?

  2. Hi:
    My wordpress blog on my computer doesn’t display
    lovely toolbar for the rich visual editor.
    I’m using Firefox 1.5b and I have javascript enabled.
    any suggestions?
    I posted screen captures here: to show what is happening

    (maybe wordpress thinks I’m using a different browser,
    but I have referrers and such turned on)
    thanks so much!! for your help.

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