Month: September 2005

  • That ‘ol notification list

    We will soon be sending invites to people who added their email address to the notification list here! It’s not too late to add your email address!

  • Live Search!

    The themes that support “searchform.php” now have livesearch embedded in them. Those are: Default Almost Spring Ocadia (Bold! It had a searchform.php but didn’t use it. Fixed that!) I’ll look into adding livesearch to the other themes as time permits.

  • What’s Happening?

    What’s happening at How can I keep track of what people are writing? Subscribe to this feedster search to follow what people are writing on this site!

  • Mod_rewrite Overhaul and WPMU Development

    The mod_rewrite rules got a major overhaul yesterday – I halved the number of lines in the .htaccess file! You should now be able to install WPMU into sub folders of your web host again. Using folders as blog addresses instead of hostnames (aka “sub-domains”) is now supported again and should work if installed in […]