We’re Moved!

The site has been moved to a new datacenter and from our testing is holding up ok! If you spot any problems today please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Feedback form.

The site will run a whole lot better now as well! 

Rreferer Luvin’

The Referer page got a bit of an update today – if you haven’t had any visitors today it’ll tell you so and offer you a few options.
First off, there’s a link to the “Month View” so you can see how popular you were when you were still updating your blog “in the good ol’ days”, and if you have the internal or direct filters turned on, it’ll provide links for you to turn them off. You never know.. someone may have visited from a bookmark!
(see, I really do know how to spell referrer!)

Disappearing Images, where’d they go?

No doubt you’ve already come across the new WordPress filter. It protects you and me from malicious people who would like to steal your login information, bank details and first-born child.
Unfortunately it also does some annoying things.

One of those is so strip attributes from html tags. A common one that I’ve stumbled across is the IMG tag.
In my carefree days long ago, I would do <img src=”someurl”> and be done with it, but not any more. Kses adds a “/” at the end and if there isn’t a space after the src=”” bit, it strips that out! Grrr!
So, what have we learned? <img src=”someurl” /> works but
<img src=”someurl”> doesn’t.

A Nice Traffic light, hosted on Flickr.

In Photos: My new photography site

Besides coding, photography is one of my other passions in life. Up until last week I posted photos on my blog but they were all mixed in with posts about WordPress, coding, politics and life in general. It was about time I created a site dedicated to photography!

In Photos.org is the result and I’m very happy with the way it’s progressing!

All the images are hosted on flickr, and I used the excellent Falbum plugin to create a gallery of my images.
The first photos to make it online were the ones I took on October 1st, Us Day. Hopefully Today FM will accept at least one for publication!