Deleting Photos just got Easier

Thanks to Andy you can now delete images! Just left-click on the image, select “DELETE” and click! Image gone!

7 responses to “Deleting Photos just got Easier”

  1. Are the pictures supposed to be able to display from left-to-right? Mine only run vertically. I wish the layout were a little friendlier/neater — it gets a bit messy when you have more than a few pics and when they’re not all the same dimensions.

    I second the suggestion of having a seperate page in addition to the current upload tool for managing files/pictures.

  2. The IE problem has to do with the URL that is created when you drag the image into the post — there’s an extra /.. in there that throws IE off the path, so-to-speak. For some reason, Firefox has no problem with it. I’ve reported it already, so it may be fixed by now.

  3. The Problem with uploading images with is that it will not allow you to make thumbnails and you have to put full images directly…which will eat up of a lot of bandwidth of the visitor………I prefer when I have to upload many pics(with one of my friendz’s blog
    Deleting pics as the topic goes is pretty simple……or else the HTML can be edited anytime to remove the pics.

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