Month: June 2006

  • blue on blue

    Blue icons on a blue background do not make for a happy desktop. Must change my desktop image..

  • Resolving category names in other languages?

    Apart from a few other tags, I’m subscribed to the photos and photography feeds here on and every day I come across pleasing articles and photos, but what I have noticed is that a large majority of the posts are in English. How can I be sure that I’m not missing some great photos […]

  • What’s next?

    436,53,35 Editable themes Adsense and javascript button and counters Custom backgrounds and music – especially blaring trumpets and drums to focus visitor's interest. Re-introduction of the blink tag using an AJAX powered javascript function. New importers: myspace, bebo, orkut, internet. Myspace importer will even import your background music and psychadelic colour scheme. Or maybe not. […]