Resolving category names in other languages?

Apart from a few other tags, I’m subscribed to the photos and photography feeds here on and every day I come across pleasing articles and photos, but what I have noticed is that a large majority of the posts are in English.

How can I be sure that I’m not missing some great photos by someone just because they speak a different language than I do? Is there a need to link tags together? Does anyone care?

In most cases it probably doesn’t matter because the reader won’t understand the post but it struck me today that a whole world of talent is out there that I might be missing out on.

If it’s eyeballs you’re after, take a look at the tag cloudpillar. The most popular tags are at the top. Chances are, those are the tags with most readers too.

Just to clarify, this isn’t something we’re working on, I’m thinking out loud. The conference yesterday got me thinking more about conversations and so regard this as a social experiment.

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