Happy birthday to us!

Happy birthday WordPress.com! I can hardly believe it’s been over a year since I started work at Automattic, although my accountant can – she has all my receipts and invoices for the past year (thanks Jess for sorting that out!)

Way back in June 2005 Matt offered me a job working on the gleaming new WordPress.com using WPMU. For a while I was able to keep track of what people were posting. The Latest Posts on the Dashboard didn’t change all that often, and I even knew some of the early adaptors, helped them when they had problems, apologised when something silly went wrong, and thanked them when they found a bug. (There was only one bug ever, “a bug”.. no seriously, everything else was “a feature”, I wish!)

What a rollercoaster ride! We’ve had our ups and downs but the site grows bigger every day, we add new features, we met up at WordCamp and talked to people about what they want. After WordCamp I flew back to Ireland 2 days before the whole terrorist alert happened in the UK and I’m still thankfull I wasn’t caught up in the confusion and strife that caused for airline passengers!

Thanks for making WordPress.com what it is today. Without you writing blog posts and commenting and being part of the community we wouldn’t be here. If half of what we brainstormed in San Francisco sees the light of day you’re in for some good times!

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2 responses to “Happy birthday to us!”

  1. Rolleroaster is a good description.

    Thank you for being there, holding my hand and others, and being so wonderful as we ripped and tore WordPress.com up. You are a star. Thanks so much for everything you do to help WordPress be as wonderful as it is and continues to be!

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