Burger and Chips

Can I have the adult portion now? Burger was tiny and over priced, but then the “Restaurant-Cafe in de Waag” is a tourist trap!

Any restaurant recommendations in Amsterdam would be very welcome, especially while we’re here for the next week!

One response to “Burger and Chips”

  1. It is a tourist trap alright! Don’t go back. But you wouldn’t anyway. 😉

    Nice places are aplenty in Amsterdam so I will just give you a small (tiny) selection of things I can think of now, off the top of my head. I would suggest e.g. Koevoet or Kop van Jut if you want Quaint & Dutch. (Not really for kids though… don’t know how you’re travelling.) Nice place to eat lunch or dinner with a view may be the restaurant at the new(ish) concert hall called Star Ferry (the restaurant is called Star Ferry, the concert hall is Muziekgebouw). In the area around the Nieuwmarkt, where De Waag is located, you can get a decent meal at the Bekeerde Suster, a small brewery with its own beers but also a nice eatery place. If it is burgers you want/insist on, you must (sorry I just deleted your choice options 😉 ) go to the Burgermeester.
    If the locations puzzle you, maybe consider taking a bike taxi. They’re a fun way to get around and sometimes a nice chat (or not, if you prefer).

    Koevoet: http://www.diningcity.com/restaurants/nl/netherlands/amsterdam/koevoet/index.html;jsessionid=67F048DDC73B079AE6C532504424D8F3
    Kop van Jut: http://www.eetcafekopvanjut.nl/
    Star Ferry: http://www.muziekgebouw.nl/starferry/
    Bekeerde Suster: http://www.beiaardgroep.eu/amsterdam/kloveniersbrugwal/kbwhome/
    Burgermeester: http://www.burgermeester.eu/locaties

    Have fun!

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