Month: July 2015

  • Three rules for setting up a date

    Ask a question. Make a specific plan. Be funny. From This American Life #559: Comedian Aziz Ansari has been touring the country collecting people‚Äôs text messages from when they first say hi, and ask each other out. Sociologist Eric Klinenberg wanted to study this raw data of the initial approach a man makes to a […]

  • Tides Near Me

    If you need to know what the tides are locally this Android app will be useful. It uses your location to show nearby beaches or stations, and as a bonus tells you when the sun rises and sets!

  • Out

    It’s really hard to organise a night out with others but sometimes it’s nice to walk down to Blarney for a drink.

  • Three of a kind

  • Massive Letters Strike Union Square

    When giant letters attacked San Francisco. #panoramafail