Category: Blarney

  • A Broken Fence on the Waterloo Road

    Yesterday walking along the Waterloo Road and I saw someone had pushed over the fence that ran along the path. It’s such a stupid and mindless thing to do. It looked like the support posts hadn’t been snapped so hopefully won’t be difficult to fix. I took a few photos of it but didn’t think […]

  • Four kegs of beer in the river

    Some idiots decided to throw four beer kegs into the River Martin in Blarney over the weekend. I saw them last night and they’re still there this morning unfortunately.

  • So cold

    I just put out the bin and I’m freezing. Didn’t help that I stopped to take a few photos of my garden I suppose!

  • Adam in the snow

    Snow fell for the first time in appreciable quantities in blarney today. Sure, we had a few flurries before this but not like today. Here’s my son Adam out in the snow this evening!