• 13 Years On WordPress. com

    It doesn’t seem like 13 years. Good thing I’m not superstitious!

  • Happy anniversary

    This was a nice notification to receive. I’d forgotten the date!

  • Die bugs die!

    Killing bugs is surprisingly satisfying, as is closing the associated bug reports. The feeds for global tags should now display post content again, and doesn’t Safari do a nice job of displaying those feeds? It looks nicer than Flock to me but clicking the “single column” button in Flock does make it more readable. If […]

  • Happy birthday to us!

    Happy birthday! I can hardly believe it’s been over a year since I started work at Automattic, although my accountant can – she has all my receipts and invoices for the past year (thanks Jess for sorting that out!) Way back in June 2005 Matt offered me a job working on the gleaming new […]

  • Resolving category names in other languages?

    Apart from a few other tags, I’m subscribed to the photos and photography feeds here on and every day I come across pleasing articles and photos, but what I have noticed is that a large majority of the posts are in English. How can I be sure that I’m not missing some great photos […]

  • What’s next?

    436,53,35 Editable themes Adsense and javascript button and counters Custom backgrounds and music – especially blaring trumpets and drums to focus visitor's interest. Re-introduction of the blink tag using an AJAX powered javascript function. New importers: myspace, bebo, orkut, internet. Myspace importer will even import your background music and psychadelic colour scheme. Or maybe not. […]

  • Performancing

    Nick Wilson announced Performancing Metrics only yesterday and already we’ve had a few feedbacks asking to support it. It does look rather good, and the scripting required to enable it isn’t that hard to do. One to keep an eye on methinks. Much Later… but hey, why limit ourselves to one external stats service! This’ll […]

  • WordPress Widgets

    A bit late to the game, but I’ve finally got around to trying out the new sidebar widgets that Andy has been working on. I’m going to make serious use of the delicious widget to bookmark my favourite posts here on The first being Toni’s account of what happened to him at SXSW. Just […]

  • New WordPress Stats

    Matt and Andy spent the last few days working on a new site stats package for all users of! Just visit your dashboard and click on the “Blog Stats” link. Matt posted an announcement on the main blog which you may have missed. Take a look for more details! No screenshots yet, you’ll have […]

  • The WordPress Flickr Browser

    You can now post photos directly from Flickr thanks to code that Andy has worked on for a few days. It’s still a work in progress, and when you drag different size images it will display as a thumbnail. You may want to edit the html code too to fix the width and height. It […]