• FAQ

    Edit: A faq blog has been set up now so check out the faq entries there as they’ll be kept up to date! Everyone’s asking these: Can I edit my theme/template? Unfortunately no, here’s why! Can I import the current theme from my own site? No, for the same reason as above. It’s untrusted code […]

  • Javascript Updates

    Over the past week or so there have been a few problems with Livesearch interfering with the Hashcash comment protection used on this site. I think I’ve fixed those problems now, but if you see any Javascript error don’t hesitate to send us feedback please!

  • Referer Updates

    Due to popular demand (well, Jintle asked for it!), I changed refering links containing wp-admin/ so the link points at the actual blog, and not the backend which should make it easier to see who’s visiting! I fixed the ordering of the refering sites. Click on the clickable table headers to order by hits, date […]

  • Image Caching

    For those of you with images in your blog posts you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve improved image and file caching. If your browser already has the image it shouldn’t be downloaded again! Leave a comment here if you notice anything strange!

  • Top Blogs!

    As Matt has mentioned already, the dashboard has gone through a big shake-up thanks to Andy! Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

  • That ‘ol notification list

    We will soon be sending invites to people who added their email address to the notification list here! It’s not too late to add your email address!

  • Live Search!

    The themes that support “searchform.php” now have livesearch embedded in them. Those are: Default Almost Spring Ocadia (Bold! It had a searchform.php but didn’t use it. Fixed that!) I’ll look into adding livesearch to the other themes as time permits.

  • What’s Happening?

    What’s happening at How can I keep track of what people are writing? Subscribe to this feedster search to follow what people are writing on this site!

  • New Favicon

    Like the new favicon? Not very adventurous, simply the W of the logo resized in the GIMP. 🙂