Mod_rewrite Overhaul and WPMU Development

The mod_rewrite rules got a major overhaul yesterday – I halved the number of lines in the .htaccess file! You should now be able to install WPMU into sub folders of your web host again. Using folders as blog addresses instead of hostnames (aka “sub-domains”) is now supported again and should work if installed in the root or a folder of your web host. When you visit the front page of a WPMU site it will now display a simple summary page instead of blog posts. The default install includes instructions for modifying this message, and links to the registration page. Hopefully it’ll soon have lists of blogs up there too. One side-effect of not using hostnames for blogs is that it’s not really possible to have posts on the main blog anymore. How can we figure out if is a page of the main blog called “testblog” or really a blog? What if they are both? If you use the virtual server support then don’t worry about this! 🙂 If you have problems on then login to your backend, and use the Feedback Form to send us ideas and bug reports. If you have problems with WPMU on your own site, then the forums will be more appropriate. The Changelog is a great place to track what’s changing and being fixed.