Flickr Widget

The Flickr widget displays up to 10 photos from a Flickr photostream. This is the same widget that is running on this site.

Released under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.


Download a zipped version from Red Alt or browse the svn repository.


  1. Make sure you have the Widget plugin available at
  2. Copy flickr_widget.php to your plugins folder, /wp-content/plugins/widgets/
  3. Activate it through the plugin management screen.
  4. Go to Themes->Sidebar Widgets and drag and drop the widget to wherever you want to show it


0.1 First public release but this plugin has been running on for some time.

35 responses to “Flickr Widget”

  1. Hi donncha,
    thanks a lot for that great flickr widget. I have one (simple?) problem: I use this widget with my favorite theme tiga 1.0.1 from, and it works fine with firefox, but when I use IE 6.0, the displayed flickr photo box is overlapping the centre blog space. Do you have any suggestion how to fix it?
    Thanks for your help!

  2. […] WordPress has these things called “widgets” that will easily let you display some new content on the sidebar. I added a widget that lets me show some thumbnails from my photos on Flickr. These widgets are very easy to add. All you need to do is to upload the file for the new widget and activate it. Then you can go to the themes section and drag the widget to where you want it to be on the sidebar. If you are using a version of WordPress that can use widgets you can get the Flickr Widget here Flickr Widget […]

  3. was able to upload and activate and there’s the alcatraz prisoner, but where is the menu for it or ways to adjust display? basically, need clue on how to set prefs once it is installed.

  4. I am loving this widget! Cheers for your effort. One thing I would like to do however is get the photos to display randomly. I don’t add photos often so my latest photos sit there for some time. Is there a way to display random photos with this plugin?
    Thanks again for one of the best little widgies I’ve seen.


  5. […] I did find what looked like an excellent widget to install (the cool looking “Flickr Widget“), and was duly pointed to the repository at This is where things went wrong. The redalt site (which incidentally, lots of links point to for downloads) is totally unresponsive. Not only is it slow to use but none of the links actually result in downloads. Sheer madness. […]

  6. The 0.1 code appears to be missing check for ‘register_sidebar_widget’ before executing the function.
    If the Flickr Widget is activated before “Sidebar Widgets” the results are a blank screen that the admin must intervene by disabling the Flickr Widget to correct.
    I corrected this behavior by adding the following code to the top of the flickr_widget.php

    if ( !function_exists(‘register_sidebar_widget’) )

    This is the same code that appears at the top of the gsearch.php widget.

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